SME Value Chain Optimisation

The first step is to broaden the view of the value or supply chain to incorporate your customer’s customer as well as your supplier’s supplier.

In larger businesses the procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales functions are often very efficient themselves but do not function together as well as they could.

In Small to Medium size organisations from my experience the challenge is the use of systems and processes rather than relying on a few key people. Unless this is done growth will be difficult.

Whatever your size there are always significant improvements possible by understanding the flow of information and goods through the value chain. Let’s unpack these touching on all the elements in the wheel shown.

Supply Chain Coaching

As your business has grown many things have not kept up with the increased complexity or volume of work but have simply evolved. You may also have introduced some new technology or IT.

The coaching program will improve your Supply Chain Team introducing effective metrics and methods ensuring the day-to-day tasks are done effectively and capacity is created for growth. 

Performance Improvement - Value Mapping & Waste Elimination

A facilitated workshop to identify, document and quantify your organisation’s activities and how they add value to your customer experience.  

Support in executing an action plan applying Lean principles reflecting favourably on your Operations KPIs and costs.

Inventory Costing

A facilitated review and analysis of your costing methodology to confirm where you are making money and where you are not.

A hands-on workshop with your finance and supply chain leads giving you the confidence in making tough decisions around SKU rationalisation and growth opportunities.

Supplier Collaboration Opportunities

A comprehensive workshop exploring potential collaboration opportunities with your product, packaging and service suppliers.

Identify savings which will drop straight to the bottom line whilst improving your strategic relationship with your suppliers.

Use my experience from a broad range of industries to systematically go through all your suppliers teasing out collaboration opportunities. 

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