Inventory Fitness Coaching

As everything around you changes from supplier reliability, new paths-to-market and ever increasing customer expectations is your Inventory “fit” enough to give you the agility you need? Let’s explore this together and start your fitness journey today.

SME Value Chain Optimisation

A tailored program to understand how your business processes work together quickly implementing improvements. Working from the customer back and aligning your Strategy with Daily Ops involving everyone in the value chain.

Risk & Opportunity Exploration

A workshop ‘putting it all on the table’ by taking a step back to understand what is possible based on a proven methodology. Embrace the unknown and get your team ready to make the most of the opportunities ahead. After completion there are no risks, only more opportunities.

Sustainable Supply Chain & Circularity

If your customers expect you to, if the law makes you or if you simply want to be an industry leader who ‘walks the talk’ around this subject let’s discuss how to integrate this in your strategy but most of all start doing it.

Project Execution

Contact me to see how I can help your people get ‘stuff done’. This could be anything in the end-to-end Supply Chain. When done the project is finished and your people are upskilled. My specialty is the introduction of technology and IT.


Let’s start our relationship with a set of short and free consultations to find out if my expertise fits your current and future needs. There are a variety of ways to do business together from set price coaching sessions to longer term arrangements.