Project Execution

The End-to-End Supply Chain is experiencing rapid changes with increasing digitisation and access to a vast amount of information up and downstream.

At the same time your team is busy reacting to changing conditions resulting in fire fighting and your resources being taken away from creating capability for the future.

From my experience there are key projects that need to simply ‘get done’ which are also a huge opportunity to upskill everyone from the front line to the CEO.

I pride myself in coaching your team whilst ensuring projects are completed and deliver the value planned. 

The goal is to get the job done and leave your team more capable.

Warehouse Improvement

“The way we always did it” just doesn’t cut it anymore!?!

Review your warehouse processes and information flow with the aim of making step improvements embracing new service offerings and using available technology.

Ongoing coaching program for all levels of your ops team.
Or just get me in to finish some projects. Or both. 

Digitisation & Transparency

Don’t just digitise your existing process but use the change to improve your process and create transparency across your operation.

My specialty is introducing new tech in ops. 

Freight / 3PL Tender

Increasing costs, increasing demand from your customers and all your hard work destroyed by issues with the ‘last mile’?

Let me facilitate projects you need to have finished in this area. 

My experience across a large range of industries and customer-back focus adds a lot of value here.

Capex Implementation

You have approval but need to get your project up and running to meet your ROI but short on resources or project management skills?

Let me help you by working in with your team and equipment supplier  to get it done.


OHS Compliance, QA Compliance or other compliance clouds hanging over you which you know have to get done.

Rather than treat these as a ‘have to do’ use them as a training opportunity for your team and spend the time to understand any root causes having led to your situation.

I am keen to be part of your solution.

M&A Integration, or Disaster Recovery

Will an outsider perspective help to understand the best way forward if you have dual processes or systems?

Do you need to ‘get back’ from a major event requiring mentoring of a staff member to learn from an error and come out stronger personally as well as fixing things?

Let’s work together

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