Inventory Fitness Coaching

These programs will engage everyone involved in making Inventory Decisions (Finance, Supply Chain & Sales) to identify ways to reduce inventory held whilst improving customer service applying various methods.

Like fitness this requires discipline and my role is to guide your team through the journey from the quick-wins through to sustainable processes. 

As you get fitter as an organisation, your team will ‘make the rules’
by exploring new ways to simultaneously delight the customer, manage costs and free up the cash required to chase new opportunities.

I will be your personal trainer facilitating the journey and coaching your team.

Inventory Fitness Assessment

A good starting point for your journey is to see where you are at right now in the model above.

This assessment will look at your existing processes, inventory health and the dynamics of your team.

The review also checks for alignment with your strategy.

Inventory & Strategy Alignment Workshop

A facilitated half day workshop with your key players aiming to get alignment between the functional areas of the business as well as your short and long term strategy.

Be ready to tackle the opportunities ahead as one team.

Inventory Fitness Coaching

The fitness journey is a tough one and it is just too easy to fall back into old habits and fight the daily fires.

Let me coach your team to get “Inventory Fit” exploring possibilities by increased collaboration and better using the information you have available.

This will instil the required discipline to keep improving your stock turns, DIFOT and NPD metrics.

Inventory Cleanse

A bias-for-action coaching process to cleanse your data and physical processes incorporating:

  • Data audit and cleanse
  • Warehouse walk and quick-win actions
  • ABCD review by market channel
  • SLOB (Slow and Obsolete) Action Plan
  • Accountability matrix for Inventory Decisions

Think of it as a spring clean of your processes and inventory.

Let’s work together

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